Google+ or FB- ?

Google+ was rolled out on Tuesday as Google’s answer for monopolistic social networking giant,Facebook. But will Google+ ever replace the “immensely addictive” Facebook? Let’s take a sneak peak!

Google+ Demo:

The features of Google+ which beats Facebook, “hands down”:

1) Circles- Do you want to share your information only to “specific” group of people in your friend list, and restrict from the rest of your friends? Do you want to post statuses,photos,videos etc only to specific people in your friend list? Well, it’s a piece of cake with Circles on Google Plus!

->Suppose you have your family,friends and colleagues on your friend list. You can drag and drop them into different circles say “friends” “family” and “work”. Now if you want to share personal information with only your friends and family,but not work colleagues, all you need to do is just type the status,or share photos and videos, select specific circle (here friends and family) and click share! Your work friends will be totally unaware of what you have shared with your work and family!

->You can also add people to your circles and get updates from them on your feed,even if they are not following you! Suppose you add person A to a circle,but person A doesn’t add you, you can still get updates from person A on your news feed!

-> Suppose you have 2 circles, A and B, the people in circle A cannot see people in B and vice versa!

-> None of your friends can see the circles they are in,or name of the circle they are in, or people in other circles!!! Beat that?!

Facebook: lags here, as currently it doesn’t support restricted content sharing with restricted people. You can still have limited restrictions on Facebook,but it involves a “herculean” task of requiring you to type each name individually,every time to restrict content.

2) Notifications: Google+ also shows notifications whenever you receive a comment,like or wall post,just like Facebook. But, there is something more than just the red number on the top right corner of notification window!

In Facebook: It shows a red number,the number of times any new update is present. You then need to click on that notification,to go to the respective location to see the comment or like.

But,in Google+ : if you click on notifications, the “entire nested comments” on post will be displayed as “drop down”,there itself! It saves your time and effort, from manually going to specific post to read new comment or notification!

3) Hangouts: Now you can video chat with your restricted group of friends using “Hangouts” feature in Google+ . You start a video call with your friend in a circle. ONLY,the other friends in that circle receive notification. They too can join the hangout,instead click “start a hangout” and they’re instantly in a video chatroom. You can eventually end up having “group video chat” with a specific group of friends. The friends in other circles are not aware of this. This is an integrated feature of Yahoo group chats and Skype! One cool feature of Hangouts is that it doesn’t place a chat window on the screen for each participant. Instead, Google changes the chat screen to whoever is currently talking. It quickly switches from video feed to video feed, moving faster in bigger groups.

Facebook: not present.

4) Sparks: is a new way to start following and get instant updates of things that interest you. You want to get updates of WSJ or NYTimes? Just click on “sparks” on left hand corner,type in “WSJ” and click on “Add interest”. This is added and you will get news feed from WSJ!

Facebook: not present

5) Instant Photo and video upload feature: The photos you just clicked and the videos you captured will be automatically updated on a private album(visible only to you) on your Google+ profile. You can later change the settings to make the stuff visible to more people.

Facebook: uploading from phone is currently supported, but not instant uploading and hassle free uploads!

More information will be updated shortly!

Interestingly, even Mark Zuckerberg(FB’s CEO)couldn’t resist Google+ Is he on Google+ to decipher it or to spy on new features and plugins, only “time will tell” 🙂

I am desperately waiting to see how Facebook will sustain the “juggernaut” of Google+ and how it will prevent its users from switching!

P.S: As of now,Google has restricted the number of invites as this is in testing phase.



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4 Responses to Google+ or FB- ?

  1. nethra14ra says:

    I’m liking google + but not as much as twitter, not yet at least

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