Corruption and Citizen Responsibility!

A 74 year old staunch Gandhian, donning the “Gandhi” topi was on indefinite fast for 12 days, so that you and me can live peacefully in a “corrupt free” India. The government first ignored and undermined his “anti corruption” movement, thinking that it will “pass”. But, millions of Indians in India, as well as across the globe made sure that they proved the government’s instincts wrong, and sent across a strong message to the government saying “Enough is Enough”! Millions of Indians marched across various parts of India, as well as different parts of the globe: New York,California, Dallas, London,Singapore, Australia, etc, donning the Gandhian topi, and holding candles in their hands, expressing solidarity to Anna’s movement against corruption. After the government’s unfolding “high voltage drama” of  numerous “U-turns”, foiled attempts of Anna’s “character assassinations”, abuses, apologies,”Anna’s arrest & release”, etc,the Govt had to finally “give in” to,what is termed as “Second Freedom Struggle” by some Indians.

Now that Anna’s three conditions are being sent to standing committee, will this corruption end? Hypothetically after this bill,becomes a law, will corruption end? After millions stormed the streets,in support of Anna, after the mombattiwalas have burned millions of mombattis, have we uprooted corruption? Assuming that the Tihar jail, will display the sign board “House Full” after all the corrupt officials, traitors, money launderers have graced it, can we proudly say that we live in a “corrupt free India”? I doubt it!

Ask yourself, are you not directly or indirectly involved in any corruption, EVER, in any walk of your life? The main reason for corruption being so rampant in India, is that, it is not only government officials or politicians who are corrupt, but also, WE as Citizens, acting as a “catalyst” to it, there by, making corruption existent in various spheres and circles of various radii of our lives!!

What can WE, as citizens, DO to curb and uproot corruption?

1) STOP “Greasing palms”Need a “driver’s license”? Afraid of flunking the license exam? What is the easiest way out? Catch hold of the broker, “grease” his palms, and voila!! You will get your driver’s license in a “jiffy”!

Did the traffic cop stop you for over speeding or breaking traffic rules or for not wearing helmet or jumping traffic signals or shifting lanes? or didn’t you carry your legitimate driver’s license or RTO certificate or emission certificate or insurance on your vehicle, when the traffic cop stopped you for “routine checks”? Is your hand itching now to “grease” the cop’s palm with some “moola” and slide away?

 You have to get your job done at government office, you faint seeing the long bee line, or even your work demands you to make multiple trips to the office, you are thinking of ways to get the job done,sans multiple trips, more effectively,easily and faster. Is your brain hinting to “grease” the government officials’ palms?

2) STOP “Influencing”You have a low score,which does not facilitate you to get into a renowned college or you did not pass a job interview? No worry, Money and influence speaks!! You have connections with “big bulls” in this industry? or are your bank accounts “overflowing” with cash?? Why not “use” your hard earned money to get into some renowned college or school on “management quota”? or why not even use your connections, to “influence” you or your kids to get a job offer, thus depriving the eligible candidate of his/her worth?

3) STOP “Dowry” practice You may ask me how does “dowry” lead to corruption? Yes, it is corruption! Taking or giving “cash” or “kind” for any “purpose” amounts to CORRUPTION! I have heard many inane arguments by some guys where “dowry” is prevalent in their religion or community. Their argument is:  “Whatever we take in cash/kind or gold from our father-in-law, will be used for our wife only” or “it will be moved within our own community”! Really dude?! Are you not MAN enough to earn your own bread and feed it to your wife and children? Do you need your “father-in-law’s” money to feed your family?!!! And what do you guys do after taking dowry? Do you and your parents treat her like “Queen”? If so, why are dowry deaths,suicides and harassment cases so prominent? Parties who “give” dowry are equally wrong, compared to parties who “demand” dowry. It is a market, if there is demand, there is supply; converse also holds good.

I m planning to write a separate blog post on “dowry”, will cover more points there. 🙂

4) STOP “Female infanticide Desperately need a boy child? Your doctor,who is not supposed to legally reveal the sex of your child,during your pregnancy, informed you stealthily that it is a girl child? What is the best way out? “Female infanticide”! You will be shocked to know that this practice is not only existent in poor,uneducated classes, but also in rich, educated classes who are “boy child maniacs”! Other reasons leading to “female infanticides” may be because of “rapes”, “dowry”, “acid attacks” being so rampant. Parents feel it is more safer and cheaper to have a “boy child” than a “girl child”, due to the above stated reasons!

Do you know that in USA, it is legal for the doctors to inform the sex of the child to their parents in the fifth month itself? That’s because, “female infanticide” is non-existent there!

“Female infanticide” is also a long pending blog post of mine. 🙂 🙂

5) STOP “Income tax” avoidanceYou earn more money than you can actually hold? or are you greedy to hold all your money to yourself? What do you do? Catch hold of your kith and kin in “income tax” department, or even a CA, who can help you file wrong affidavits of your salary,so that you end up paying “peanuts” as your Income tax? Same thing holds good for “property taxes”. Pay your taxes properly on time for better India!


6) STOP relaxing on “Election Day”I have personally known many people, who “chill out” on election day. They relax at home,munching snacks, lying like “couch potatoes” on their couches, “glued to” their idiot boxes, resembling idiots,themselves, and watching a movie marathon or cricket match. When asked why they are not participating in voting, their common excuse is: “I do not believe in democracy”! Really dude, then what do you believe in? Mubarak’s or Gadafi’s regime? Do you want some dictator to rule over you, who will gun you down if you dare to speak or protest? You should be proud that your country is the largest democratic country in the world, which gives you the opportunity to “vote” for the party of your choice!

One more lame excuse is “Every party is corrupt, so it’s of no use voting for anyone”! Really, so you mean to say that you are the descendant of Satya Harishchandra or Gandhi? No doubt,every party is corrupt in some way or the other, but don’t you think, it is your duty and responsibility to contribute to the exodus of that “corrupt party” by exercising your franchise?

Another excuse is “The EVM’s are not working/tampered“. Did you even get your a$$ off that couch, go and stand in a line, to actually check and prove your claim right?!!! Seriously, you get ONE opportunity,every four years to overthrow the corrupt government and you blew it?!

What do you do after “bomb blasts” or “terrorist strikes”? Curse, cuss, rant and burn mombattis at India Gate? Will your curses,cusses,rants or half burned mombattis bring back your loved ones to life?!

Now honestly analyze and assess the above mentioned six points and introspect who is more corrupt? You or the politicians? Now luckily, Janlokpal will take care of corrupt politicians and officials, but HOW will YOU be punished for your “routine” corruption?!!!

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20 Responses to Corruption and Citizen Responsibility!

  1. Shivbuddh says:


  2. sub says:

    Nice article…
    politicians comes from us…they are corrupt only because we are corrupt….but i still maintain that no one is born corrupt….it is a kind of group behavior…one needs a proper system to stop it….people won’t do it themselves, else we would have done it long ago…

  3. Perfect article, reason behind there is over dose of blaming officials and politicians, agree they do corruption but we (including me) dont get absolved from petty corruption too. Middle class should avoid playing victim card – if 1 support anna’s movement – next time dont bribe ticket collector for ticket less traveling or to traffic police in case of breaking signal or traveling without license or PUC – only thn u r true supporter of Fight Against Corruption, else it farce / dikhawa and DHONG – n in all above mentioned cases its middle class at fault, so dont cry being victim.

    Any mob led fight always have lacuna of self introspection and holier than thou attitude, I have deliberately told this movement as mob led fight and not movement, cuz this will turn into movement only when, we people inculcate anna’s teaching with in us in toto or to best possible manner.

    We should not be passing the buck, but share our responsibility too. Ur blog is kind of real frame work – A suggestion from me – If you alone, or with help, get this as formal paper – by detailed explanation n all, ur this blog has potential to be worthy paper

    • ARCHER! says:

      Yes, you are right. Its of no use if we hold candles for 12 days and go back to square one, after 12th day,as soon as Anna breaks his fast!! So many ppl who held candles or did fast during Janlokpal movement, will they stop bribing people in their own life?
      Also, holier than thou attitude sucks!!
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂 Thanks for your compliments.. Btw what kind of formal paper are you suggesting?

  4. Shekhar says:

    Yes, I agree to your points. I think that people lost hope long time ago that they will get justice from the Govt or from the law authorities. Recent movement by Anna had not only shown the people getting together to fight against corruption, but also a kind of hope which got sparked in everyone’s hearts. Mostly, I believe that it is those crores of people, who lost faith in the law authorities, who give in to such corruption acts you mentioned above. I also believe that those people will also carry a sense of guilt with them when they indulge in such acts but it is their helplessless that they are going the easiest way. But trust me, Annas movement has lit a kind of spirit in every one’s hearts and I bet, even before the JLP bill becomes a law, many people would already have started leaving honestly (im one among them). Do you see a point in what I said?

    • Shekar,
      Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes,true, Anna’s moved sparked revolution,people came on streets.. but will the same people carry the momentum and give up corruption in their own lives? That needs to be questioned! Carrying candles for 12 days is not a big thing, but the big thing is “keeping the light of anti corruption movement, sustainable”!

  5. Well laid out article. I agree, citizen need to get own house in good order.
    I strongly feel that points made in the article should be made part to school curriculum, additionally, our value system at home too, needs a reality-check.

  6. ishtdeep says:

    I suppose the 6 th point you have made is the most inportant of above all.People mainly living in the posh areas always shun voting.They feel disgraced standing in the long quoes waiting for their turn.So the voting is mainly dominated by members of weaker uneducated section who mainly are influenced by money, liqour or religion.Only when each individual will realise their value of vote,then only we’ll have good elected representatives.

  7. Ha..Ha..Ha… patented to Swathi, is what this blog is entirely. Superbly articulated, diligently constructed, wittingly depicted and simply narrated. Excellent!

    The six points does reflect the major factors juxtaposed equally leading to a Nation full of ‘corruption’ instead of ‘corruption free’ people. It provides an excellent window into the reality of corrupt life in India.

    Continue to enthrall us taking up with vigor and vitality such social causes that are eroding our social fabric, cultural fabric and political fabric.

    Great indeed.

    • KP sir,
      Thanks a lot for all your encouragement, appreciation and support! 🙂 Thanks a lot for liking this post and subscribing to my blog too..
      With your blessings on my head, I ll continue my effort to bring out,nothing but TRUTH 🙂

  8. vimax says:

    Youre so right. Im there with you. Your blog is surely worth a read if anyone comes throughout it. Im lucky I did because now Ive acquired a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so important and so universal. You absolutely put it in perspective for me.

  9. thnx sir for ur speach :]

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