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Gayatri Mantra and Women

“Om  bhurbhuvah swah  tatsaviturvarenyam  bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah  prachodayat” The moment I posted this on my facebook wall and tweeted it, I was bombarded with comments and private messages from my girl friends stating, “Hey don’t you know, … Continue reading

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Art or Tart?

On account of M.F Hussain’s death, I see numerous empathetic message floating on social media like twitter and facebook, as well as Indian media conducting shows,by trampling over each other,in order to offer condolences to the demise of the so … Continue reading

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Mr PM, my 12 questions!

Mr Prime Minister, Until June 4th, I used to proudly brag,with swollen heart,that I am really PROUD to be born in the nation which has the LARGEST DEMOCRACY in the world. The nation which harbored stalwarts like M.K. Gandhi, Subhash … Continue reading

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